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hearing and tinnitus studio

Who We Are

Tarryn Richardson Audiology is based in the Intercare Medical and Dental Center in Fourways, where we work amongst a large team of health care professionals, including General Practitioners, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Dieticians, and others.

The practice was established in January 2008 and has since grown to become a busy, reputable Audiology practice in Johannesburg. We take pride in offering you the best in hearing health care, teamed with an effortless experience and service with a smile.

We are passionate about people, hearing, and making a difference in your life.

Our Services

Fourways Audiology - Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment

Our audiologists will accurately measure the type and degree of your  hearing loss, with a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test assessing  the outer, middle and inner ear systems. With this information, they are able to recommend appropriate management, or refer you on to the necessary health care professional.

Fourways Audiology - Hearing Devices

Hearing Devices

Should you require hearing aids, we will assist you in determining the best type of hearing aids for your hearing loss. We will fit the hearing aids using sophisticated software and continue to walk the journey with you, managing any hearing concerns you may have in the future.

Fourways Audiology - Tinnitus

Tinnitus Mangement

Tarryn and Micaela have both obtained training in the diagnosis, management and treatment of tinnitus, internationally. They use a well-researched and personally designed habituation program to help each individual patient reduce their perception of tinnitus. This program encompasses elements of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Fourways Audiology - Hyperacusis


Do loud sounds appear to be louder to you than to other people? Are you particularly sensitive to sound in your environment? Hyperacusis is a debilitating disorder characterized by increased sensitivity to everyday environmental sounds. Our audiologists have had great success in helping patients to desensitize to these sounds using principles of TRT and CBT.

Fourways Audiology - Industrial Screening

Industrial Testing

Tarryn Richardson Audiology provides baseline, screening and diagnostic assessments for industrial workers. We are able to deliver comprehensive reports and hearing health recommendations for your company’s employees, in compliance with the current Health and Safety Act.

Fourways Audiology - School Screening

School Screening

We provide on-site school hearing screening tests and comprehensive reports for all ages and grades. We offer the option of a customized online parent questionnaire and payment portal, relieving the school of any additional admin.

Fourways Audiology - Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

We assist in impression taking and ordering of various hearing protection, including noise plugs for musicians, hunters, motorcyclists and industrial workers; as well as swim plugs and snore plugs.

Fourways Audiology - Consumables


We have a range of consumable products on site, such as hearing aid batteries, wax guards, domes and drying tablets. We also offer disposable ear plugs, Cerulex Kits and Kidz Ears. You can simply stop by to pick up whatever you need.

Meet The Team

Tarryn Richardson

Practice owner and audiologist

Tarryn opened her practice at Intercare Fourways in 2008, following completion of her degree in Audiology at UCT. She is one of the few internationally trained tinnitus specialists in South Africa. Tarryn has two beautiful children.

hearing and tinnitus studio

Micaela Stonestreet


Micaela joined Tarryn Richardson Audiology in 2018 following completion of her degree in Audiology and Speech Therapy from the University of Witwatersrand. In 2019, she completed her international tinnitus training.

hearing and tinnitus studio

Thandi Seleke

Front office manager

Thandi joined Tarryn Richardson Audiology in 2014. She is the friendly voice on the other side of the phone, and she always goes the extra mile to help you with all of your queries and concerns.

hearing and tinnitus studio

Online Hearing Test

The Hear Digits test is an evidence based and clinically validated screening test of your hearing

Hearing test provided by hearX Group

Financing Options

Hear Now, Pay Later

At Tarryn Richardson Audiology, we believe that hearing aids are an investment in your hearing health. However, not everyone is able to manage the costs involved.

For this reason, we offer assistance with various financing enterprises, making hearing aids more affordable for everyone.

Each hearing aid financier offers different cost and repayment options. Our audiologists will put you in contact with the financier that best suits your needs.

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